Ministries We Recommend

DSCF0277Even this crab has a place to be cared for.

We are a self-supporting ministry that believes followers should give to neighbors in need and support ministries that serve others as Jesus did helping the poor, seeking the lost and supporting the orphan, widows and homeless. We encourage you to give using the model of 2 Corinthians 9 with a cheerful heart knowing we can never out give God. The Kingdom is not about money and grand temples, God has no use for those, John 6:63. “Count the Cost” Jesus sez, Luke 14 esp v33 Did he say everything? No, Just your treasure. The Holy Spirit can’t fill a heart that is full of treasure of any kind.

 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Matt 19:21

We support and recommend these ministries:

Jesus Place Inner City Mission Atlanta Georgia

We served with Jesus Place as interns in 73-74 while attending Atlanta Christian College. Jim Vernon started this mission to the homeless lost of the streets of Atlanta. If you have a heart for the street people, homeless, poor this is your kind of ministry.

If you have a heart for new born babies and expectant moms and hate murder. This ministry cares for the mom before and after the birth. Needed now more than ever as abortion is now a medical procedure to have doctors that kill babies legally according to the law of our nation. It is a sad day when a nation abandons their One True God for the gods of the deceiver who tells them it is fine to kill the unwanted, unneeded and poor. 2 Tim 1:7

The Inn Ministry of Jacksonville provides a home for new and expectant mothers as an alternative to less than desirable conditions and abortion for all women

Don’t let Molech have another child. Jeremiah 32:35 Our God hates this practice Lev 20:3

Five Star Veterans center of Jacksonville Fl.  

Five Star is a nonprofit homeless shelter for Veterans provides a full range of services to restore the person to an active life off the streets. Semper Fi!

We would love to do more for many more. We are small but our power is full in the Spirit. Acts 1:8

We give our time to non profits that are following Jesus and of the same mind, teaching the Apostles doctrine from the word. not latter-day man’s wisdom. We feel the best way to restore the New Covenant model is to practice the things they did. If one pays the Temple tax or Tithe where does the money go? The average “tithe” goes to staff, buildings, overhead for entertaining the fans. What percent helps the “Least of These?” We know each cent we share is handed to Jesus first and with the blessings in both directions, each is loved by God. Our bodies are the acceptable sacrifice. We can give our time, skills to help others, or we just write a check. If we do , much like paying a bill it becomes a chore. When we give all to God, time, body, possessions, life we are free to serve. Our altar is on our knees, our Temple is our body, we are the Royal Priesthood. We are to make disciples of Jesus, not clones of people we admire. The rightness of all men is filthy rags.

We feel the American institutional model of “Church” has lost it’s way. A Restoration of the first works, the reform did not work, Restore the ancient path. The one way.

Over 200 years of preaching unity, praying for unity and all we do is divide over doctrine. Eph 4

If a model is not broken why fix it? a simple Gospel is more like Jesus than the high church corporate model that acts like a business. Might be efficient or not depending on who is judging.

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