I do not think God wants me to suffer, Do You?

These are the drugs I have prescriptions for from VA. I had three back surgeries in 3 yrs, Arthritis is crippling me. The doctors cannot practice anymore on my spine. I need a shot in my neck. I have cancer from Agent Orange or Camp Lejeune water, the VA could not decide the cause but admits they are responsible because of service. If I did not have the care I get from the VA I could not survive or afford to live. I do not take the psyco drugs for PTSD, those are brain robbers to me. Others may benefit, I have never talked to anyone that said different drugs

Many senior Americans are getting to the winter of their life and as some of us say, “Life ain’t for sissies!” or “Life is a @#$**” With multiple surgeries and pain from wounds many veterans are forced into addiction to gain any relief from the pain. Include those of all ages that face Cancer every day, the pain, the emotional toll, facing death, How do they get peace of mind. Why would anyone deny these hurting humans God’s own healing herb? This truck was at one time bright and shiny,


ready for work down on the farm or a run uptown. Now as with all the children of men it lies rusting, abandoned.

When I take the opioids as prescribed, I become a zombie, I only want to sleep and my health goes down as my weight goes up! Coming off oxy or hydrocodone is not for sissies no matter the age. Whoever takes these evil drugs for fun has got to have a death wish.

When we were in Viet Nam was the first time I smoked marijuana. We never used on an operation or on duty in the units I was with. When on a firebase fenceline we did not indulge, I heard some did but I never knew of an active combat unit that was using while active, and that was most of the time. I saw no drug use in the units I was at later except in Cuba when the fleet was in or a Jarhead would buy some from the Jamaicans the Navy had as cooks and other workers.  The marine would get caught or ratted out and get office hours. When I was working at the Datsun dealer as shop foreman, one of the mechanics found a huge plastic bag of weed in the new car they ( it was one of the Sewell Manufacturing of Breman Georgia sons) had bought a 280Z and had it in for service. The mechanic went to the grocery store and bought a big box of oregano and we shared some of the pot in the bag with everybody in the shop but Rick. Before that and after I can count on one hand the times I have shared some until my first back surgery and a friend gave me some brownies. Another gave me some raw weed. I made my own brownies and got off the drugs for the pain I was prescribed. Those brownies saved me. I never would have regained what health I have if I had stayed on opioids.

The government was giving us cigarettes and beer free or so cheap, to teenagers during the 4 yrs I served. I wonder how many veterans are now addicted to those two loser drugs? I don’t mean sharing a beer or wine, even a whiskey with friends or “for your stomach sake”  I mean when you must have __________(fill in the blank) or you face withdrawal after your mind is made up to quit and you have not quit!   When I returned to my hometown, I got a job and an education without even thinking of any use of recreational drugs. If MJ is addictive I have never met anyone that was. As I go into my 70th year I do not think I will be on the road or operating machinery or be too much of a danger.  I would like to see numbers on how many died from alcohol abuse, addictive hard drugs, prescription drugs compared to God’s own healing herb.

Grace full and overflowing

Here is a list, Count the ones died from dancing with Mary J?


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Warrior, scholar, teacher, preacher, minister, foot washer, bilge coolie, slave of Jesus and "Huckleberry" to Jean. Wondering what did I ever do to deserve loving you two?

One thought on “I do not think God wants me to suffer, Do You?”

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I agree that opioids are not for sissys. We all have our stories and the road we traveled is a rough one. I am now facing my second round of back problems and all that goes with it. Right now just a lot of drugs and the possibility of surgery. Not fun. We just try to make the best of the life we have left. God bless you and the strength he has given you.


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