Sale on Gopher Wood

Imagine how the Noah and the Ark story would have worked in today’s “Church” Gen 6:22

Noah, “Shem, where is the invoice for those boards from Lowes?”

Shem, “Dad the sale was on and Ham said you would not mind if we saved a bundle over the top dollar Acacia Wood and they were all out of Gopher Wood, Yeah Japeth asked around the construction people that are experts in building stuff said it does not matter what wood you use besides all that data is old and out of date, Man! that gopher wood won’t float long anyway, nobody builds rafts out of it. “Look dad! The stuff is known to sink after a few months so that wood won’t save us!”

Would the boat the boys would build in my imaginary story Float! Or save anyone?

What did Noah do? Gen 6:22

You know the rest of the story, the real story is that Noah obeyed as did Moses when handed the plans for a tent of meeting, the dwelling place of God “El Shekhinah”. God did not need it. Men needed a place to say to the nations “Here is our God” like God requires a Holy place to meet us, a set apart place. Men require physical objects in worship. God requires perfection in obedience. We need Grace, not ritual and trappings of pomp. The very best of the people in the history of the Jews were as filthy rags, of the worst sort! From David to Judas all were failures in keeping the covenants. In the presence of God, we need all sorts of props and helps to look good. We think this helps, the show, the grand buildings, the crowds of fans,  the excitement, the feeling, the correct words in the ritual make the magic work while the Holy Spirit hides in shame over His creatures. We do the rituals with pomp and circumstance to rival courts of kings and rock concerts while our King washes our feet for the example that we ignore as we plan the program. “Our Righteousness” is still filthy rags  We say unity and do divisive things. We claim to do all Jesus commands. We fail and can never “Do” enough!

Our response to Jesus is?  1. Show love, 2. Believe  3. Obey

The early followers of Jesus followed this document for many years

What does this document add to the Gospel message?

Do you see how some teaching reflects what you know? What jumps out in the document?

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