What happened to the thief on the Cross? The other one?

The story of the two bad guys, called thieves, maybe criminals or just poor homeless people trying to survive in a hard world. The gospels record the story of two theives are crucified and died with Jesus Christ during the same execution day. The trio hangs from the nails, ropes, and wood the Romans used to affix humans to wooden crosses, trees, scaffolds and anything handy in time of war. Two have been tried and convicted by Roman law to die by the cruel mode of ending human life in an especially painful, degrading manner of crucifixion. The place of execution and Judea saw 30K+ according to Josephus, a Roman historian of the era. The trials of Jesus before the execution were jokes. Neither Pilate or the Jewish puppet ruler said Jesus was guilty of a crime against the state or people. The Jews wanted Jesus dead because of the blasphemy of claiming to be the “I AM” When the Jews heard that Jesus claimed to be the Messiah/Almighty God of Isaiah https://www.biblehub.com/isaiah/9-6.htm they plotted the death and fulfilled every prophecy concerning the sacrifice on the Cross of the lamb of God.

Jesus, of course, has all power from the Father and way back then on the cross had the power to forgive the sins (and raise the dead) of this poor man on a Roman cross alongside Him on that day of infamy when the Jews gave up their King for Rome.

Was the other thief saved? He saw Jesus (or he was blind). Did he believe? We don’t know. I would never place God in a box and tell him what he can or not do? An exception of God’s grace and great mercy does nothing for your own belief or actions. James wrote of faith, deeds, actions or “works”

What are your deeds? belief? Do you “Do the Work of God” plus show up for nose and nickel count at set time and place. Jesus said to obey his commands, no he was not teaching the big ten. Jesus, healed, cared for, fed the hungering, freed the captives of sin. Follow Jesus. Love your neighbors, forgive your enemies

The New Birth, required, Spirit + Water https://christianstandard.com/2019/03/the-new-birth/?fbclid=IwAR1gkOsGQ8dHc7fo1dX_OmQR1e0eWQ9m6DxqCRsXR4KYJxuLFAUCDwT8qWo

 We believe the Bible to be inspired, the only reliable, authoritative Word of God. Is it a statement of many creeds, what does that mean? We believe that the original author’s writings as written and the word of God as delivered to the Apostles. We as Paul advises reject any and all latter day, all after 125AD or any so-called revelations, creeds, councils, edicts or any man-made doctrines in conflict with the Word. All traditions, rituals, rules, laws and /or new revelations by angels or Man in conflict or division from the original follow Jesus and Love God commands is Anathema. Home Church Locations online. This includes any judgment, rule in place, banishment, shunning or umbrage taken by any follower for another over music or sounds is anti-Christ and anti-love. Here is an example of “House Church” in San Francisco.

Here is a congregation in Texas with an online presence. Modeled after the structure of the San Fran group. http://wearechurchrichmond.com/

Here is a sample of online statements:

• We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

• We believe in the deity and humanity of Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His present rule as Head of the Church.

• We believe in the salvation through God’s grace of all who repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone.

• We believe in the indwelling presence and transforming power of the Holy Spirit, by which the Christian is enabled to live a godly life.

• We believe in the future personal return of Jesus Christ and the resurrection of both the repentant and unrepentant who will be judged by Jesus with justice and mercy; for those who are repentant unto the resurrection of eternal life and those who are unrepentant unto eternal condemnation.

• We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ with equality across racial, gender and class differences.s as much as possible

We must repent, Jesus said so many times. Peter said “Repent and be converted” We can’t repent if we are unable to do so because of pride.. Repentance in the New Testament was a restoration, a recompense of a wrong, example of the tax collector, Jesus gave several commands, parables to explain repentance. Paul gives us the commentary via the Holy Spirit in 2 Corinthians 5 “Ministry of Reconciliation” Do you feel our God will trick or place “Catch 22” situations as traps for us?

So many divided denominations and daughters of the whore of Babylon teach an infant baptism gives life long salvation. Even the cart and horse story makes more sense. Jesus alone saves us by faith in His work,

Francis may be many things to many people. He is on target with the new wine and new wineskins approach to following Jesus as Jesus commanded and not the divided mixed covenant model of the divided denominations walking in darkness.

What Satan has done via the effects of men and the wolves in sheep clothing that speak with the dragon’s voice to the Church is confuse and confound us by making the “Tower of Babel” look like “Old Home Church Week with Sunday dinner on the ground”. Comparing the modern US model to the Church of the First Century model we see in the Acts. Reflected in the mirror of followers that wrote first-person letters, notes and left records of Church activities prior to 125-150AD or CE. Reading these are like learning what the early church did and said about Christian life, serving Christ and struggles they had with heresies like Gnostics that developed before John, the one Jesus loved, died. His disciple Polycarp wrote letters and wrote reports. Reading these and comparing them to later after 450 CE letters from church leaders is like reading the old covenant writings with rules and rituals, copied pagan practices and Mosaic laws, Vs the pure simple Gospel of Love God gives us freely in Jesus Christ. The early writers give messages of love, directions to keep the faith in opposition of heretics. 300 years later the letters written after Constantine and the council of Nicea are filled with rules, laws, prohibitions and man’s sinful doctrine that preaches power, control and the lust of money in the name of religion. Most of our later day heretics are harder to spot in America.

How much of the wealth is tied up in “Church” property that can not heal, help, support the ministry of reconciliation and “The least of These”? What did Jesus say about wealth?

Many are sincere people, some are considered Saints by their church or denomination. Many like to have titles and wear ranks we do not find in the new agreement where Jesus washes sinful men’s dirty feet to teach humility to his closest followers who were arguing non-essentials. Satan uses our friends, our leaders, our families to divide us. We must realize that tradition must be analyzed and measured against the actual truth. Or our truth is in the hands of people who believe there is no truth. Heretics bend the truth or I should say hide the lie with just enough truth just enough so the lie does not smell so bad. As Jesus called the “Whitewashed walls” of his day. We have them today. Article on the early church and baptism

OK, St Augustine of Hippo wrote of sins of the flesh, his lust for women and his obsession with sex. This lust transferred over to a label on the sexual act as sinful. Calling what God gave as a blessing in marriage between one man and one woman as a sin. This error of understanding has caused much sadness in many hearts of good people . Religious sexual suppression is another story. If religious leaders can label the very act of conception as sinful then the result of that can be labeled sinful and so it goes. Soon we can abort the unwanted flesh or just label it dirty. This is taking the good that God gives us and calling it evil. That is wrong on so many levels. Auggie also took infant depravity to a new level of evil. Using his reasoning based on his ideas of lust of the flesh, then babies are evil, sinful and damned to hell with out the “Sacrament” of baptism (immersion, water, Spirit) That it was unsafe to dunk babies, death bed confessors and some obscure cases AKA the thief on the cross. The councils later agreed to allow sprinkling or pouring (see Didache), but how was this and why did it become policy/doctrine? Some also said that the act was not important. The baby as sinful is miss read of Romans 5 by Auggie. St Auggie read the letter in Latin and mistranslated at that. What ever Adm did the sex act was not sinful, his and Eve’s disobedience was the sin, rebellion in the heart is sin, not eating an apple (having sex in marriage of man and women) The couple were following God’s plan before the choice they made to sin by disobeying. Even if the story is Allegory of the real story. God’s Truth is evident. He loves his children, babies and full grown and He, the Mighty God, Lord of Lords is not willing that any perish.

Is it a work? We are told that baptism is a work and that it can’t save us. we are saved by grace. OK agreed that we are saved by grace and that the action of immersion is something done to us by another and God. Without our personal faith in Jesus and His work on the cross you will be wet and unchanged otherwise. The action is an act of obedience that the convinced believer who confesses Jesus as Lord and repents of their sins follows up with as the first in many steps of obedience that the disciple will soon take on the Way of a lifetime of following Jesus.

The short version of our history , we trace back to the revivals and new era of a cry for restoration of the primitive Ekklesia of the Lord during the early 1800s, the Restoration movement was formed and within 100 years had divided in to 3 visiable camps, each claiming to be the true “Church” aka Ekklesia in the Greek meaning citizens called out or gathering, or as Bill Tyndale printed new testements with the word “Congregation” and the Roamn Church killed him and others for that translation later fixed in the KJV when the Church of England used the German word for Ekklesia as Church as a location. Jesus meant for His Church aka Ekklesia to be made up of living stones on the Rock of ages not any man or woman , no matter how “rightous” or pompous they may seem are just humans. When I consider my sins to be a less smelly pile than yours I fail to see you and love you as Jesus does. When I think another is less dispiciable to God on their own than you or I then I am a fool.

Back to the history now that we define Church as it was meant to be, not some place to go. Look at the old covenants in the Hebrew History we call the old Testement, of course it is in the bibile is the attitude of some that will swear on it , curse from it and commit every sin under heaven in it’s holy to them’s rule. Them that has the gold rules! Look at history of the Church, it is a battle described in Revelation, of good vs evil for our souls

God revealed himself to the tribes of isreal, hundreds of years after the death of Moses, the five scrools of the law are written. The history of the Jews and their ideas of God, prophets and Kings, The relation ship with the people was via the temple and the priesthood. Do your reasearch the jews wanted the temple, the king. They wanted to be like the foriegen nations around them they were commanded to take out. God wants a personal relation ship with you, how you interpet that is your business with Him. You may find him in a temple or a rock concert. You may find him through the words you hear or read or see. The Lord’s Holy Spirit is like the wind Jesus said, “You must be born of the water and the Spirit”

I love to go back and see the old restoration writings of the 1800s when they were debating, preaching from farm community to wilderness, before the slavery issuse and after they remained true to the Word as they translated it out of the Greek that was written down somewhere between 1st centuray to ? I enjoy reading where this truth of God and our relationship is fundamental. God loves you and me with equal intensity. Our sins are not a problem for God. Jesus has taken care of all of them forever one time, one sacrifice, done deal God’s great love paid our impossible debt with the presious blood of the lamb of God. And He lives in the temple you prepare for Him or He does not. What was the covenant with Solomon and the first temple? The priest of God cleaned it up and made it special, devoted to God. In Revelation a measurement of the temple is done using a measurement God gives an angel. The Church is being measured, no structure on earth, no other name known to men will work.

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