We Are One, we are supposed to be………………………………………..

Unity without compromise. The Perfect Law of Liberty is Love for one another.

To understand the metaphor and spiritual truth of washing of the disciples feet, I must know that my own feet are the worst He will ever wash. No we do not handle snakes for testing if God protects us. We know He loves us and cares for us. WE do not judge you or rule over you. Our failings, sins, regrets are major to your minor. We will show you what Jesus says and how the Holy Spirit guides us to His love and care

The Church/Ekklesia of Jesus is invisible, built of living stones of a royal priesthood, our high priest is Jesus, our brothers and sisters are our equals with dirty feet just like mine. To understand the metaphor and spiritual truth of washing of the disciples feet, I must know that my own feet are the worst He will ever wash. We obey every command of Jesus, follow every practice of Acts that God uses at His pleasure for the benefit of His Body. We follow the perfect Law of Liberty with one Law to rule us all, Gal 5:14, for we are all one in Christ, no jew no gentile, no male no female, we have one lord, one faith, one baptism. and the Visible Church is another story. That is religion. What men make of it. click to see the new restore movement that God is blessing.

Without unity, we are divided and denominated. We limit God’s power when we place Him in a box of religion and sequester Him to a set time and place for the collection of cash and counting of heads for a morning report on the next bulletin. We act like the Holy Spirit of God is on our beck and call. I wonder why He hardly ever shows up for the “service” . Is that word in the New Covenant? We base so much of our traditions on models of old covenant practices. We have paid “Hired hands ” to care for or fleece the flock as the case may be. Some tribes have regulated the New Covenant model of “Elders in every “Church” to paid staff that officiate as “Clergy”, Id’s as Senior /Pastor/Bishop/Elder“, or “Reverend” at all ” holy events” as no one in the pews is told they can be “Saints” of the “Royal Priesthood”. Unless they can carry the popular vote! Read the Timothy and Titus letters to find out what a Holy Spirit filled Elder and/or Deacon is expected to meet as to the standards of Jesus. The most humble man among you should be your shepherd for he will be responsible to God for your life on earth. Galatians 3 tells me we are all the same in Jesus. Religion is the same today as in Jesus’ day. Religion is about power, who controls it and what keeps making the gold flow. People build grand buildings for God while his children sleep in the public park and alley, hungry and sick. Does the steeple of your building shade a homeless person from the sun? Does your building’s heating bill warm the heart of a hungry stranger? No one is persecuting us in the USA right now! We regulate any exuberant follower to upkeep of the “temple” or crowd control on game days, (nursery, SS classes, cafe, greeters, maintenance, entertainment, etc) The model of a “Modern” worship service has evolved into something like the “Pearl of Great Price” or the “Treasure in a field”, everyone is looking for something, only they want a discount on the goods. The denomination does not matter to the young mom if the nursery is clean/not. The fitness center and programs are big draws. The “Starbucks” coffee bar and welcome station cover a shallow gospel of consumerism church. Like Peter wanting to build Old Covenant Tabernacles for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah on the mountain we have a human need to be better than we are and show it by doing stuff God does not need doing. Some worship models built around the building and campus offer multi services for all ages with tools, methods and resources at finger tips. When the follower realizes that the war for the world is being fought now the perspective we have is the visible “Church” is in decline in spite of massive funding, the economics are not there for expansion faster than need.. Our “Pew &Pulpit” model has come along way since the day of the book chained to the pulpit and the sermon in an foreign tongue. Have too many followed the error of Balaam? Trying to please the national perspective/culture and God. God does not share His throne with idols or lesser gods. Some have focused on drawing the crowds of “Pentecost” to see the Fires and hear the different languages. and forget the “Holy Spirit sent” the noted figures of the new movement to visit single people (the Ethiopian eunuch, Cornelius the Roman, Saul of Tarsus) with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What was each person told? Where we see the Church/Ekklesia being built is in the individual followers building community, relationships and spreading the Gospel by being as Jesus to each other. The commands of Jesus are an easy burden, His Yoke is light. The “One Another” are the hard ones, they take a lifetime to accomplish. Caring for one another is the mark and office of a follower of Jesus. This happens after and around Acts of the Apostles. Individuals, some who had walked with Jesus, known Him personally as the Apostles have or maybe heard Him speak or knew that He was in their town preaching “Repent the Kingdom is Near!” Maybe they had heard the message of John the Baptist and like Apollos had been immersed for repentance and to prepare for the Kingdom of David when the Messiah comes. 1 Corinthians 15 sez many are eye witness to the life and Resurrection to new life as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, as Jesus arose after the Crucifixion.

Course that follows “Letters to the Church” https://basicchurch.teachable.com

We American humans are known for our independence and rights we have fought for. We have like Israel of the Old Covenant asked God for many things and like a disobedient child have thrown His gifts in the trash heap so many times. Jesus never challenged Rome, He did not defend the Temple or argue with Pilate. Jesus is never surprised. Our politics will reflect our status with our God. God’s message has never changed He loves His creation. All of us. Yes, even them. Galatians 3:24-29

We are supposed to be one. Without the power of God we fail. As Rabbi Gamaliel said in Acts of the Apostles” if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men”. “Churches” trying to use the “Eloquence of men ” or “Wisdom of the World” . May draw crowds of fans to the entertainment on game day. They may fund hospitals or buy jets. When the sheep and goats are separated Jesus does not ask their theology or denomination. He judges based on ______.

Faith alone does not separate the wheat and tares or the sheep and goat. Have you obeyed Jesus from the heart in all things He commanded or have you only followed some man‘s teaching? Get right with God!

What if we obeyed every command of Jesus? laying out a plan to obey each one as soon as possible. What if we took the new agreement at the simple level and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us? He never contradicts His word. If we have a contradiction guess who is wrong. You have aright to an opinion but holding a position that must be supported by theologians and “Church” experts is arrogant and self-serving. Most “Pastors” are serving with low pay anyway and serving as sole support for the flock, some are “Hired hands” some are humble servants. The paid staff will fight the movement when they see the $$ control and power go away from their gameday celebrations to draw fans. The humble shepherds will hardly notice the change of leaving the organized visible “Church” as they are following Jesus not religion. The true followers belong to the invisible ekklesia of Jesus Christ.

Use your gifts in such a way that people ask, Who is your God? 1 Peter 2:12.


Some of the differences of the visible church and the invisible church. The invisible Church of Jesus Christ is one Eph 4 as Jesus prayed for. We follow Jesus’ commands, the simple one covers all the rules. Gal 5:14, We are 1 Cor 2:12 in Christ as one Gal 3:24-29. We are living stones building the temple of God for the indwelling of the Spirit. We have an altar on our knees for our High Priest we are a royal priesthood offering our bodies as a living sacrifice. The visible church is where we go to have social, political and religious functions in a form of religion based on traditions of men and the doctrines that came about after the first century. The invisible can be found in the world in divers and various places. As in Acts of the Apostles “they worshiped daily” in the homes, temples, public places, sides of the road, open fields, by the river and on the beach. We are so thankful our God is not limited by any box or divided denomination’s ideas. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/chirche

Many words have switched meaning since the first 125 yrs of the Ekklesia. Religion, when James wrote about “Pure Religion”, was our worship and deeds towards widows and orphans as our bodies are the living sacrifice. In today’s “All about me” religion is religion. It can even be pagan, a cult, or everything from rules, rituals, and control in most people’s use of the word. Like the word “Church” as a place or to go to. Or “Tithe” when we mean giving and sharing as Paul speaks of as the “Gift of Generosity” and not some old law or mixed covenant message that you must give a set amount or by a set time. How do your brothers and sisters treat these words and the issues they bring to the table?

If we see the commands of Jesus and divide the Covenants at the right place we find the letters of Paul to be a commentary on what Jesus said and communed to Paul. Of course, Peter said some of what Paul teaches was confusing and many people err in understanding. God’s instructions for us are never confusion or contradiction no matter the messenger. The Holy Spirit is known to use donkeys to speak God’s word. Paul is God’s Chosen vessel I would be careful to teach that he is not what Jesus said he is. Enjoy! https://saltlightministry.com/



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