Out of my mind

Thanks to Silas for how I feel sometimes with PTSD, depression, and Hope. Hope is not inside of us in our flesh or heart of disobedience to our King. Acts 5:32

We know we are old dogs but this is not by our power or our strength. We like you are loaded down with this world’s cares and demands. We pray for courage every day. thanks, to Gary Larson and our public schools where we taught for the image.

When we became schoolteachers I had to admit I could not do math in any fashion anyone would recognize but me. I could write repair orders and customer notes but relied on my wife to do any accounting or math. I had always used pictures to recall facts and drew notes by making cartoon type hiro graphics as one teacher called my scribbles. I would love to write you long letters in Shakespeare prose longhand but this what I have studied these past few days as time as allowed.

We enjoy Church History and have recently worked our way up to the 1900s We studied the Roman equipment and this short sword and the shield& spear are the battle weapons of the Roman Army this was like the M1 of WW2, you did not drop your rifle and run with out punishment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gladius Enjoy!

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Warrior, scholar, teacher, preacher, minister, foot washer, bilge coolie, slave of Jesus and "Huckleberry" to Jean. Wondering what did I ever do to deserve loving you two?

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