30 Mainship Pilot 2001 Rum Runner Model FSBO

2001 Mainship Youtube Videos recent Boatyard services and bottom paint, August 19 Cruise on the ICW @ 20 mph, 17.38 Kts


List of equipment and some history of the Mainship Rum Runner 30 click here! PDF list may be edited.

Video of running on the ICW on return from boat yard with new bottom paint. Click here Cruise on the ICW @ 20 mph, 17.38 Kts

Listing on Ft Meyers Craigslist By Owner $64,900. Or Best Offer, No trades thank you. click here https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/boa/d/saint-james-city-mainship-pilot-rum/6953307833.html

Bob & Annies’ Boatyard completed over $4000. worth of service and repair, included in the service are sand all old bottom paint off, strip the metal parts underwater, paint with primer for metal, 3 gals of Micron 66 applied over the barrier coated bottom and Awlgrip polish. We videoed and took a lot of pictures. Inspect what you expect!
We moved the two 55 watt solar panels to the roof of the hard top.

A collection of pictures of the boat as many upgrades to the electrical system and boat in general. This is a album of the “Good, Bad, and ugly” Recent boatyard maintenance and services addressed every item on 2018 survey and all are corrected or replaced. Click here

We were on the hard at the boatyard from July 22 to August 19, The bottom was cleaned, sanded and painted. The hull was Awlgrip treated. All the zincs are replaced. The boat was in here 2015 for bottom paint.

Google picture album from Feb, March 2018 new screen enclosure, haulout feb 2018 etc click here https://photos.app.goo.gl/F1jtgsif4icRRUc48

The pictures and writing below line are from our Spring 2019 decision to sell our boat.

Washed outside, clean inside soon!

We are going to sell our 30 Mainship Pilot that we bought last year as our next best big boat for this season of our lives. Our health and safety operating this size boat taxes our ability to cruise in comfort as we were accustomed on our trawler. We have fixed every problem and replaced many systems out right. We returned recently from a trip to Tampa.

Here is a picture story of our boat with all the warts and things we have fixed or not since we bought the Mainship last year. We are transparent. Ask if you don’t see what you want to see.

When purchased the Rum Runner our survey was done by John Gulick. The survey was thorough and we knew we had problems. The AC was only one. The voltage would drop when starting or using the bow thruster. We rewired the charging system, solar system, and battery bank was moved. Fixed the volt drop!

Crap electrical work and examples of what not to do on a saltwater boat.

We replaced the AC with a Wesbato unit from IMarine

We rewired the boat and moved the batteries that were causing a list to port. We replaced many connectors and wires that were improperly repaired. /we follow ABYC rules as much as possible.

We removed the hot plate and replaced it with counter space. New hot plate in cabinet. We added a foam custom mattress and covered all the cushions with sunbrella fabric.

The sea water coolers were stopped up and we cleaned them out and resealed them. We have now replaced the transmission cooler and flushed the trans.

We repaired and installed new bilge pumps, alarms and wiring.

We added a hardtop, moved the solar panels. This makes the bridge height 8.6 feet. We replaced the horns. Added lights.

We have sold several big boats in the past. Two of these sales were handled by brokers. They did nothing to help the sale. They brought unqualified buyers and used our boats as trade offs for the boat they wanted to sell. If a buyer wants to use a broker, fine but I will remain in charge of the sale. The buyer can and should hire a surveyor they trust. A good surveyor will find stuff the seller may not know of. We have the last surveyor report and a serious buyer after making a cash deposit may see this report. Please note that after 45 yrs in the auto business and owning boats for almost as long I have little toleration for Bravo Sierra of any kind. Payment will be in the office of the local Sun Trust Bank or your bank with a transaction for the vessel approved by the branch manager into our account. Where those funds come from is not my concern. Checks or offers involving any refund are scams IMHO. I always get several of these when I advertise on Boat Trader.