Isaiah 66:12 promises “Peace like a River”
Philippians 4: 6-9 promises “Peace of God” when we submit all our control in prayer and supplication, practicing the humble sharing and caring for others modeled by the apostles and disciples.
Romans 5:1 ” Justified by our common Faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus”
My son painted this in his Art school days 2008 for a restaurant in Atl. Right in the “Homeless District” About a year later we were “House less” 1 John 3: points to our shame and our only source of power to fix broken hearts

This writing is my journal of thoughts. To you they may seem random, disjointed and not making sense. Sorry about that!

We always search for people of “Peace” that understand these verses to mean peace of being one with God, Job 22:21 ” Agree with God, and be at peace, there by good will come to you” Job was in rough shape in the ashes, even in his torment did not blame God for his loss of family, wealth or health. We are promised “Tribulation in this world” John 16:33. And most of the troubles we have we deserve because we failed to respect God’s law. 1 John 3:23 is the one, Paul repeats it, Gal 5:14 and for those that disparage Paul, How many times does God have to repeat Himself? Jesus said;” If you love me” John wrote” How can a man love God and hate his brother?” 1 John 4:20

The restoration of the Ekklesia of God only needs a few near you to be like the servant “Phillip” making disciples of King Jesus, “Apollos” teaching as one mighty in the scriptures, or the humble faithful; “yoked together”in God’s Family Plan, “Priscilla and Aquila” making tents, taught the “apostles Doctrine”, teaching and sharing in their homes. And a pure “Table” to share a meal in communion with our Lord. “Breaking Bread House to House” cover all the rules and rituals with 1 John 3:23 in teaching “Sound Doctrine” Titus 2:1-10 When we see the “Table” as the Gospel in Bread and Wine we will have the “Power of God” in our congregation. Come to the table, leave the dead altars behind.

We have only One law we must obey; 1 John 3;23, Gal 5:14 teaching “Sound Doctrine” Titus 2:1-10, Submit to the Holy Spirit Acts 5:32, “Repent and do the first works” Rev 2:5, Be like those former pagans of Corinth, they heard the Word and accepted the invite Acts 18:8. Romans 12 “The gift of generosity” is the mark of the follower of King Jesus.

Applying “Holy” effects or spiritual rewards to physical objects like buildings or?, reminds me of when Mom would say” get ready for church” or “behave you are in church” As mature followers we know that to “Abide” with King Jesus is worship in Spirit and Truth, Acts 5:32 and is not dependant on geography or environment. We happen to prefer “Homestyle, the kind Jesus loves to visit” He will walk right in thru the walls of the “Church”, our Heart, to “commune” with us if we prepare a “pure table” for service. That is real.

The Five-fold Ministry

Our thoughts? yes God sees those before we think them out loud. God sees the heart. Is our mind/conscience; our heart obedient? The thief was occupied with a full course Roman execution, no one ever survived. What is your handicap? Acts 2:38 is only part of the transformation of sanctification, that begins with hearing the Gospel as the Holy Spirit was poured out on the waiting Apostles and disciples, Acts 1:3-5, Poured out the Promise of the father on all nations, sons and daughters, Acts 2, Delivered and received, the action is taken Acts 2:36-42. Acts 5:32, Why not be like those former pagans in Corinth? Acts 18:8. Down in the river to pray, wash all your sins away, Acts 22:16, Have a clear conscience before God and man bury the old man of flesh to rise in the new life, death will have no more dominion to those in King Jesus! Romans 6, 1 Peter 3:20-21, Titus 3, Col 2. John 17 Abide! Come to the Table Break Bread of life, drink the new wine of forgiveness!

We are not promised perfect health or even good health in our body. Those of us that were “Ten feet tall and bullet proof” in our teenage mind went on adventures and had little regard for damage then or projected. To us it is ridiculous to damage the body on purpose by what we eat, do, inhale, consume and are exposed to without regard to our fragile organism. And expect God to clean up our damage in our regret as we use our hindsight. We will reap. Pslam 119:74-75

Our prayer is that of the warrior shepherd king David, who in his old age wrote “Your rules are righteous” even when we are on a bed of “Affliction” Psalms 119:75 these are all of God’s laws that David understood. Laws like gravity, laws of physics, plus the laws of the covenants. When we fail to respect those laws we suffer in our bodies the effects. When we fail at the one law we must obey to see God we will suffer the consequences of the Spirit, our Spirit/soul, inner person, conscience. We worry, we fret, we burst into anger and frustration when the simple stuff of life becomes complex, the obsession that starts as a little spider monkey is now a silverback gorilla, pounding on your mind demands for more that never satisfies.

Who can deliver me from this rat race of life and this body of death? Romans 7:2

How many times must Jesus repeat the basics? Love your neighbor, duh!

We assume the “vChurch” will not hurt us when we first become aware of it. Upon entering we discover that the goats are allowed free-range and the shepherds are expending all their efforts are corralling them. The “Hired hands” are in cahoots with the goats in keeping the status quo and turf intact. Becoming a follower has never been harder in all the fog and smoke of the deceiver’s tricks. Come to the Table, break the Bread of Life with neighbors, love, and care for one another, share the New Wine of forgiveness. The simple Gospel is not that hard. Jesus will lend a hand! Eph 4:1-6, Titus 2:1-10 Sound Doctrine 1 John 3;23.

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’swill for you in Christ Jesus. Do not quench the Spirit; do not despise prophetic utterances. But examine everything carefully; holdfast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil. Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved completewithout blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Scripture references;

We come down in the River to Pray! Why do the sheep insist on the muddy water that is aways downstream from the source? The feet of a thousand good meaning theologians have divided, damned, and polluted the “Precious Flow” to serve their version of the “Aqua Pura” of Life. We have drunk from those muddy streams before our sight was fully restored. Do we think God can not fill us on His own? Nevermore Savior! Fill us from your fountain! Come, Lord King Jesus. John 14:26 “Living Water” has one source Eph 4:1-6, Sound Doctrine Titus 2:1-10, Amen!

Join with a study in Genesis with free resources from the

When we see the “Table” as the Gospel in Bread and Wine we will have the “Power of God” in our congregation.

Why try to be what we cannot be except through the abiding Christ?”

“I know if I go through the day without putting on Jesus, without eating Jesus, without asking Him to give me of the Holy Spirit to drink, then I fall back onto just being my old self. Perhaps civilized, educated, conditioned to moderation, but underneath the same worldly sinner I ever was, and will be.”

Pray to Him as a Father, as a child cries to Daddy, our Abba, “Everlasting Father” who adopted us in our filthy rags, called us to His Gospel, washed us in the Blood of His Lamb, and clothed us with his Rightness. 1 John 3:23, Acts 5:32 “Wonderful Counselor” Repent and do the first works of Iove Joy Peace. Come to the Table, leave dead altars behind. What if we did as the pagan Corinthians when they heard the message? Acts 18:8, “Homestyle” Church like Jesus loves to make and visit.

Come to the table, fellowship, share with the stranger at the gate and the friend, invite the neighbors to the meal. Share the Gospel in the Bread of Life and Wine of forgiveness in the Name of Jesus.

Neighbors 2020


Why we do not baptize, pour on or sprinkle babies? Good question. My mom by adoption was sprinkled as an infant, she read the New Covenant from a new perspective after hearing the Gospel from the RM group my adopted family attended. after she married my adoptive dad, as his family attended local services at a nearby Christian Church, the result was when this college educated, (rare for 1920s, but improving) she reasoned and reckoned the Gospel was simple, easy to understand, and follow. Do we continue to follow error and false doctrine when we understand the Truth? Ignorance of the Truth may be an excuse but arrogant refusal to believe and act on the Truth understood is our problem. We can give our evidence as outlined here;

What about the “sinners prayer”? Here is what the Baptist brothers have to say;

Worship, adoration, devotion, sacrifice as a dog licks the hand of the master in total obedience.

What would she do?

The young lady and man in the painting from the wall of a house uncovered in Pompeii. We can speculate that this couple would have been familiar to Priscilla and Aquila in the first century. The woman’s stylus and tablet are symbols that displayed her confidence in education and status. They are the up and comers, the beautiful people of the city. Today would she fit in? Could you see them in a 40 under 40 spread in your cities magazine? What would you tell them about your God that would motivate them to reject their gods? What can your God do that theirs can not?

Couple from Pompeii

Who these young people? Let’s imagine they are your new acquaintances. The picture is from a mural in the 79AD destruction of Mt. Vesuvius of the Roman cites. The painting was obliviously commissioned by what would be considered wealthy owners to adorn the walls of their villa/bakery. Maybe they were the owners. Maybe they were young during that era of Roman Empire. Exciting times! Nero had been in power, Titus, Caligula, Domitian and many wars and rumors of war. We will assume your husband is wealthy and a player in fashion with his gold trim toga. He is holding a sealed document, He must be educated, important in his world. The Roman lady is standing in the fore of the painting, dressed in purple with much gold, a valuable to her husband, a woman of education and power, perhaps a royal dressed in purple? Women in the Roman World had much privilege and could do many things a Hebrew woman could not by law. Click on the image to learn the history from archaeology.

Your new acquaintances are owners of a bakery you frequent. They are Romans, the influence of Greek culture is the fashion of the day. Here are some of the assumptions one might assume They are Pagans believing in many gods, much as the people of Mars Hill in Athens or liberals today. Like the pagans around them the free citizens of Rome enjoyed a somewhat upper middle to rich classes. Slaves were a very high percentage of the population, most were bond slaves dues to poverty as war slaves were used in the mines and criminals in the galleys of the Navy. Spartacus is a true story! Crucifixion was a common punishment for slaves. As Rome conquered the known world they absorbed all pagan religions as useful tools of the state. Later Rome would develop a city/state organization to rule all the gods, with one man via other men ruling all men so they can control kingdoms, empires. Every religion was adapted to fit the life style of the Roman, to meet the needs of the state/empire. If you did not follow the rules of worship of the emperor or what ever the favored god/temple was in that city, you were subject to shunning, fines, slavery, death. You could not buy or sell without the approval/seal of Rome. The pagan priest were officers of the state, by 450 ad this system of state run “Visible Church” “AKA vChurch” was the official state church, with none other allowed until rulers got powerful enough to split off their own brands . These gods are no different than the pagan gods of the nations around God’s people all the time on earth via the power of the eater of dust. As we are dust in our flesh, that benefits us nothing when we try and save, preserve or embellish it. We are as these young people enjoying the smell of their bakery and the beautiful day. As pagans they will have vague beliefs depending on what is the latest pop religion or which temple has the best festivals/services/parties. The philosophers that influenced their daily lives as Greek/ Roman pagans are still being taught in our colleges as words to live by.

What do you say to the couple? That stylus and sealed document would say educated literate able to reason. What do they need from you if you walked into their bakery in the year 78 ad?

Imagine that two married followers of Jesus, from Rome meet this couple what would they say to the couple? Would Priska speak to them the same message they gave Apollos? The humble fellow workers of Paul, they worked with their hands, are mentioned in Acts 18 read about them here

Where did Priscilla and Aquila go to “vChurch” ?

 The churches of Asia greet you. Aquila and Prisca greet you heartily in the Lord, with the church that is in their house. (click on the words to find the Greek or more info)

What would the VChurch at Corinth look like? Corinth was a Roman Colony made up of retired soldiers and citizens of Greek and Roman cultures. What did they talk about in that first century?

What would give the pagans a reason to give up their pagan beliefs, renounce all, family, titles, names, their very life could forfeit for the simple gospel that God loves all His children? The volcano is rumbling, the couple sez “It always does that” “We will go to the temple to appease the gods” What can you tell them? Do young people today believe that the earth mother/nature controls the weather? Does Luck, chance, fate or do the laws God placed in the physical world for our health and comfort rule your walk/life?

The simple Gospel of 1 Corinthians 15 message involves no rules, rituals or need for special places, reverends, clergy, or temples, Read the words in any translation or the Greek the message is simple. God loves you so much He has bought you with a price beyond any thing physical or on this earth.

It is very hard to sell Buicks while riding a bicycle.

The temple is gone and Jews are being expelled from Rome. What can you say to the baker and his wife? The Gospel is finished, no additional work or added sauce to make it better. Jesus finished God’s plan on the Cross. You might do more but who are you trying to please God or man?

If we can know what the history of a movement was we can see what they did, what they said and what happened. What was the first 125 yrs of the Church like? These are some of the writers that have presented some interesting facts. I would not agree with everything they propose but it is very interesting when you can verify when the first discussion of something like infant original sin is discussed, before St Augustine and Zwingli messed it up for children. Jesus sez they are innocent and we should be like them in faith and trusting Him.

What is the balance between the “Faith” and the “Baptism” of Eph 4:1-5, A study of Grace, an understanding of the Temple, Hint John measures the “Temple” in Revelations. That is the invisible Ekklesia . When we understand the Gospel message was final, “Once and for all delivered to the saints” We have no latter day message that contradicts or changes, alters the Gospel. Even angels can’t change it as they have tried. Men twist the message because it is too simple for controlling, anyone can be a temple of the Holy Spirit, The vessel has to be spotless and only one cleanser will work for my filthy rags. When my conscience is dirty, I want it scrubbed by God. Like these poor Romans, we will stand before God, we will see Him High and lifted up our knee will bow and our heart will be laid bare before our creator. Did we believe as Abram did? Hebrews reads; By faith Abraham, when he was calledobeyed by going out to a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out, not knowing where he was going.


So then, my belovedjust as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absencework out your salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.  Phil 2

Would you tell them the Truth of the Way and the Life?

Jesus sez “The flesh profits nothing” John 6:63

One of the first places we served in the early 70s , Jesus place is special to us. If you consider a donation we know that the followers at Jesus Place will use your gifts to the best use for the homeless and families they serve.


Cleaned up and running smooth. Love these old machines. God does the same with us. Used, worn, Sold in the world’s market for pennies on the dollar as we set our own worth. Discarded by those we trusted, abused in the name of love. He finds and makes a bid for us, we decide as the prodigal son or daughter if we want to be restored to Him. We must count the cost of total commitment, you can’t do this restore halfway. If we accept the promise, He washes us and cleans us, covers us with the “Cloak of Right ness” so we can be with Him. Simple Gospel, no new ideas or theology. Simple message He loves the old and the young, the male the female, the pagan and the Jew, the enslaved and the free, all can be one in Christ. Galatians 3:24-27, Acts 2:, Titus 3:4-5, Ephesians 4:3-5, Romans 6 :17, Col 2.

Bought this mixer that is almost old as I am. It was dirty inside and would run somewhat, yet sounded like the gears were worn and something was loose. The thrift store accepted a few bucks donation for the mixer as is. The Dormeyer 4300 was made in Chicago in the 50s with bronze cut gears, bronze bushings and solid mechanical components that were in use before transistors, micro processors and push button computer controls.

1957 ad in McCalls for the mixer. I was 8 yrs old when $57.50 was a lot of cash. That was about a weeks pay for min wage. Today we have forgotten the crafts that could produce a simple mixer without the cheap technology that relies on so much infrastructure and unskilled labor.
The mixer had been well used. The bowls looked original but were worn and cracked. I wanted to use in bread making and baking. My neighbor has taught me bread making and I want to try some recipes that require a lot of mixing, the arthritis in my hands does not help.
The mixer needed cleaning. The cord was frayed, the old grease was stiff and not where it is needed. Old bread batter or ? coated the insides.

My hands are skilled as a “Gift from God” like the craftsmen of the old covenant If you have a skill, a passion to create, or share as a teacher; it is from our creator God. Only He has the power to create, restore and renew in the promise to transform you to His Family. When we “Fix Up” ourselves or others try we are patching up for looks and resale to the next low bidder. Our filthy rags of religion and our righness still stink! Only God is Truth, only God is able to restore you by His “Double Cure” of Mercy and Grace. He is the one we sinned against when we wore ourselves out working to please the world, when we rebelled and followed the pretty lights and toys of the world. He was the one we sinned against when we followed the gods of lust, greed and arrogant passions. He was the one who is disgusted with our solemn ceremonies and apathetic sacrifices we call holy because the paint (whitewashed walls) on our “tombs” are the latest style and colors. The hype of our ceremonies and the drama of our lives pleases no one. Come to the Table, leave the dead altars behind. Go down to the river to pray, repent and confess Jesus as Lord, bury the dead flesh, rise to walk with God as your Wonderful Counselor, filled with His Spirit, Acts 5:32, The pagans in Corinth understood the simple Gospel, believed God’s Promise Acts 1:3-4 delivered on Pentecost Acts 2, “Faith comes by hearing” Romans 10:17 , Acts 18:8, Acts 22:16, Come all who will. The “Spirit and the Bride say come” Rev 2:5 Repent and restore the first works of Love your neighbor, share the Joy of knowing Jesus, enjoy the peace of God that passes understanding in the midst of chaos.

Taken apart the parts all washed. Some of the dirt has a radiocarbon date of 1958 (I think)
The points that switched the ground circuit on were burned. Cleaning and realignment helps. These old motors worked without transistor parts. Using the electrical technology of the 40s the product is simple and easy to fix. America won the World wars with the technology of this mixer. The vacuum tubes and relays ran the equipment and machines of the 40s-50s. The transistor was invented in the late 40s. What would happen to you if nothing with a transistor worked? What if we had no GPS, Satellite Communication, weather or radar? No cell or electrical power from the grid? How could we win two world wars without today’s technology? How could we be so evil to each other and yet most of the nations in the first war and our US Civil war claimed to follow God?

I am sad that few young people want to learn to fix things with their hands, few want to acquire the skills and knowledge to use the hand and the mind. Read “A Case for Working with your hands”
Cleaned up and running smooth. Love these old machines. God does the same with us. Sold for pennies on the dollar as we set our own worth. Discarded by those we trusted, abused in the name of love. He finds and makes a bid for us, we decide if we want to be restored to Him. He created us for His pleasure, not our greatness or successes. We must count the cost of total commitment, you can’t do this restore half way. If we accept, our belief based on the resurrection and the Life of Jesus. we will submit to repent, our belief will take the action of bearing fruits of repentance., confessing that Jesus is our Savior and King, we bury the old person of flesh in His death on the cross accepting Jesus as our “Propitiation” The dead do nothing, He washes us in His Blood and cleans us, heals our broken hearts, fills us with His Spirit of New Power, covers us with the “Cloak of Right ness” so we can be with Him. Acts 5:32, Simple Gospel, no new ideas or theology. Simple message He loves the old and the young, the male the female, the pagan and the Jew, the enslaved and the free, all can be one in Christ. Galatians 3:24-27, Acts 2:, Titus 3:4-5, Ephesians 4:3-5, Romans 6 :17.

The old testament has a history that is verifiable and will surprise most religious people who will deny the truth of history. The history of the Hebrews was told as oral traditions for many years before the written word, like most religious traditions, We must read it with the author’s glasses worn by the Hebrews who recorded Moses 600 yrs after the facts of the exodus. Seems the post 70 AD Orthodox Jews give different versions and sects as the chosen one to have or not have a “Messiah” yet hold up relics and traditions that place King Jesus in second or third place. That is why the doctrines we hear of the “Rapture” the return of Jesus and the Temple” are plain scary because the ignorant people will believe the DaVinci Code because it is popular and non threatening. Here is a Jewish female historian for the facts of history, The Old Testament. God has preserved His Word for a purpose and it might not be what you think. 1 Tim 3:15By: Amy-Jill Levine, The Great Courses Narrated by: Amy-Jill Levine You can also read The Story of Christianity, Vol. 1, Revised and Updated: The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation By: Justo L. González

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Francis Chan @ Church Intensive

Ask for government solutions get government answers.

Sonny Reeves said to a sister on fb; America will have to believe there is a God, for 50+ years we have been told God is dead, 1967 issue of Time said so… the bible is a book of myths, shout college professors at teenagers in their sway and sometimes power, We have handed the government the “Right and Blessings ” of the “Congregation” to care for the widow and orphan, the weak and unborn, teach the young Titus 2:1-10, the shepherds are warned, Empires and nations of history do not last without God, our self-righteous days of “Manifest Destiny” and legal slavery are over in law of the land, in practice, the evil behind the curtain is still the old serpent” The poor are clogging the streets, the weak are oppressed, bought and sold on the market, the power of the earth in resources God gave us to conserve now drive the greed of men to rape the earth. Our American Indians are right in saying; you can’t eat money or oil. Without God, the nation will need both to meet the coming storms. Babylon was nice folks compared to the Romans. Can you tell we have been in a battle with the VA over my care. Could not get an MRI for 34 days and comm care lost my paperwork! Must build more F35s and bases in places we don’t belong, if we all got along we could build MRIs and train doctors and fund hospitals. Rant over VA called today and will cover my next back repair, Amen, Come Lord Jesus! 1 John 3:23

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God’s Truth is the whole Truth or there is no Truth, and that is the Absolute Truth, proven by every law of physics, science, and natural life. To believe in luck, chance and charms takes more faith than we have for gravity rules if we fall. To expect God to live in a box of man’s theology is as ludicrous as to deny He is God. The message of the Gospel is clear, the one law we must obey; 1 John 3:23, What the obedience gives? Acts 5:32, Home Style, just like Jesus loves! Acts 18:8, Those former pagans of Corinth were messy, dividing over men’s names and teaching, the body suffers and sin breaks out, Paul writes; “confront the sinners, Love rules, be respectful, don’t over eat or get drunk at your “Love Feasts” of the “Lord’s Supper” Jesus sez we must “Abide”, Paul reminds “Pray without ceasing” We read those two verses in our love as maintaining “Constant Comm” with our Lord. as you learn to communicate with your Lord as your One and only “Wonderful Counselor”, do nothing to harm the Body or your body, Be Ambassadors, reconcile with your brothers and sisters, Learn and teach to “Koinonia” (Share & Care for one another)

The Church as described in Acts plus the letters in our “Canon” can describe for the visual learner a strange mix of images that change as we move forward through the ages to the high “church” model. To dig back thru history today is possible and so many have looked into the first 100-400 or so yrs of the early “church” to discover the Truth covered by years of traditions.

The “Perfect Law of Liberty” 1 John 3:23. Gal 5:14 the rest is religion if you say “Must”. Paul said it was all “Skybalon” as the Gospel is the power of God for Salvation. 1 Cor 15:3-4 Acts 5;32, The pagan gentiles of Corinth understood and acted on their belief when the heard the Word! Acts 18:8

Pieces of the Cross and a few stones………….more

If you read this be prepared to check the facts. Understand this university educator is teaching what Atheists believe about Jesus at the most critical level. “He has knowledge with out wisdom or Love” Read for free on Audible first read, Don’t let your grand children , children be blindsided by these atheist professors. “The Truth will set your Free”

When Paul prayed for “God’s holy people in Ephesus, who are faithful followers of Christ Jesus”   In Chapter 3 of his letter to the “Faithful followers” He asks God for the congregation, “Power in the Spirit” that the “Love of God ” can be understood. Too bad he did not pray that we could understand theology then we would not have a problem understanding how silly the stuff we argue over. Some do not argue they simply walk away confused, hurt, damaged by the very people that should be sharing healing and comfort. People try and forget they are a Spirit created by God for His pleasure. Our Ego screams “Me” “Mine” “All mine” God tolerates no opposition to His Love, He remains a Jealous God. It is easy for them to slip back into the world. The “Root of Bitterness” grows fast in poor, rocky soil of discontent, Sheep will wander into those places when the shepherds are more focused on the rules, rituals, and tithe than the one the “tithe” was to benefit. These are the “Hired Hands” Jesus spoke of that are in charge for power and the control of others. Some people are so done with the “church” of today they are never going back to a structured religion unless someone drags their coffin into one. The hype, the divisions of men and many other reasons, the “Dones” are done. Most “Dones” and “Nones” will never see the inside of another grand church building. This one prayer of Ephesians 3:14-21 has all the necessary elements of Ekklesia. This prayer of Paul for the Christians of the Church has all of God’s Power the Church needs. Read it here, click on the underlined text. “I fall to my knees and pray to the Father, the Creator of everything in heaven and on earth. I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen.” Ekklesia /Church,Greek root word. Not a location in use of text.

New Church Tahoe is a model for the Ekklesia of the 21 millennium.

Do you believe this humble prayer? Does everyone around you know these Truths that Paul asked for to equip the “Royal Priesthood” of the “Living Stones” Some will only be happy with traditions and build on sand with straw. Be radical build on the Rock with living stones? BTW The “Church” in some translations is the congregation, the people, the Ekklesia, never a location or organization state/political type church in the first century. What are you to do? Peter sez,

If one accepts and acts upon the prayer for wisdom and understanding from the power of God in the Holy Spirit, What should be the response? Why does this work? Why does this plan not work? What is in the way? Am I building on sand with straw? My humility level may not qualify me to understand God’s Love? Am I “Child like ” not naive like a child but innocent of evil intent or any guile on my part? Am I wise as a serpent and meek as a dove? Here is a starting point for dialogue and prayer.